Lycée des Métiers de la Biologie et de la Chimie


Letters to Joseph Boyden

Au mois de décembre dernier, les élèves de 1BIOB et de 1BIOC ont pu rencontrer au CDI du lycée l'écrivain Joseph Boyden.

Emus par le dialogue chaleureux qu'il a noué avec eux, les élèves de 1BIOB, sous la houlette de Mme Jeantet, leur professeure d'anglais, et de Mme Dethan, leur professeure de français, ont tenu à lui manifester leur reconnaissance en lui adressant quelques lettres en anglais.

Nous les reproduisons ici, de même que nous reproduirons aussi la réponse éventuelle qui pourrait nous parvenir.

The students of the 1BioB wrote letters to thank Joseph Boyden to thank him for his visit to our school.  Here are their words...




Dear Joseph Boyden,

Thank you very much for visiting us in Bordeaux, it was very nice of you. It was a very cool experience for us to meet you, to meet a famous writer. Thank you for sharing your story, your origins, your Indian culture with us. With you, we discovered Indians traditions, culture, Indian lifestyle and their stories. Your short stories are very nice and interesting and thanks to them we learnt the difficulties of the Indians’ experiences of life, and it was a real eye-opener. So thank you for coming to France and meeting our class. And finally, thanks you for taking photos with us, it was very funny.

Yours sincerely

Laura Lecomte

Dear Mister Boyden,

I wanted to thank you for your visit to St Louis School on Friday, November 14th. With you we learned a lot of things about Indian culture and lifestyle. With your short story too. Before we did not know that the reservations still existed. We don't know about racism in America and Canada. In your short story we learn more about difficulties and beliefs. Your life is very interesting too, your relationship with writing is exceptional. We have also seen your attachment to your Indian culture. Your visit personally brought me a lot for my general culture and for my vision of things.

Thank you very much.

Lucie Richard

Hello Joseph Boyden,

I am writing today to thank you for your visit. After reading the Sugar Girl, I must admit that I like what you do. You prove to everyone that even if you are bad in school, you are always good at something. Thank you for giving us the story of you tattoos. You have put us at ease by asking personal questions when you could be unpleasant but instead you have shown kindness. I confess that I thought it was going to be boring, but it was very nice to meet you. What you are doing is very well and know that I am whole heartedly with you.

Thank you and see you soon I hope.

Léa Churlaud

Dear Mister Boyden,

We would like to say thanks for your visit in our school. That day, everyone was disgusted but did not show it. When the teacher told us that we had to go back on Friday,December, 5th for a few minutes, we were happy with this surprise. This meeting took place and we were surprised by your kindness, friendliness, patience, but what surprised us most was that, thanks to your visit, we discovered a new aspect of reading, and, we have a new vision on colonization, and on discrimination against Indians. With your short stories, we can feel the misfortune or the problems of Indians. During this interview, you explained your dream. It’s very funny and utopian but your book is a way to change the world, it’s very courageous. You said a sentence very perturbing: “I didn’t choose the writing, the writing chose me.” It’s very impressive because for the future writer you are a model. You have changed our vision. Thank you for your visit. Sincerely

Yasmine Elfadi and Salomé Bocquet-Dumont

Hello Mister Boyden

I am writing this letter because I would like to you say “thank you” for the moment that we have shared. Your short stories were special because you lived this injustice between Indians and Canadians. I find that great to fight for the peace in the world, for the respect of Indians and for the people who are different. I learned so many things on Indian culture, and that interested me. I liked when you explained your Indian names and when you explained the origin of your tattoos. I read your short story “Turtle Island”. It's very good and I wish this short story had a continuation. I think you will have new ideas for a new book. I don't read other books of you at the moment but I will be happy to read them. I hope I have the chance to meet you again. Thank you very much for your very interesting meeting and your knowledge. Good luck for your future. I look forward to reading you again. Good bye

Justine Aubier

Mister Boyden,

Thank you for coming to our high school. We hope you liked Bordeaux and that you enjoyed your trip in France. We found too bad that your conference did not last longer. It was a real pleasure to learn more about the history of Indians in Canada .We admire you for this beautiful tribute to Indians because we think that it is a history of unknown people. Through your short stories and what you said when you came, you made us want to read your books. Unfortunately we could not ask you all the questions we wanted. It allowed us to discover many things we didn't know like at that time and almost now (racism ...). So one more time thank you for coming to St Louis and we hope that you can continue to be a “Shining Bridge” to as many people as you can.

Flavie, Emma et Charlotte

Dear Joseph Boyden,

We wanted to thank you for the interview you gave us. This has been a really rewarding experience to meet you and hear your story. Due to your story, we've learned a lot about Indians, their culture and lifestyle, and now we're aware of the situation. Your people suffered so many misfortunes and you are here as a kind of survivor who raises the name of your people and fights for their honor. You wear with pride the name of this people although you are mixed blood. This is a very good attitude. You are a model for every one of us. It was a privilege to have you as our little Indian ambassador here in our school. Goodbye Mister Boyden we hope to see you soon.

Ange and Muguette

Dear Joseph Boyden,

We are French students from the St Louis high school. We would like to thank you for coming to France. It was a pleasure to meet you. Thank you for taking some time to explain to us everything about Indian customs. Indeed, we learnt a lot about the Indians’ life. It was very interesting because we didn’t know anything about that. We were able to explain lots of different things and give some details to our family. We who don’t love reading, thanks to you we have taken a liking to reading. We hold this meeting as a positive experience: it’s opened our minds about your short stories and life in residential schools. Thank you for sharing this experience with us. We hope you enjoy this message and we wish lot of success in all your projects. We wish you all the best for 2015. Best regards

Ibrahim, Romeo and Alison

Dear Joseph Boyden

First of all we want to thanks you for coming to our school and for taking your time to answer all our questions during your stay in France. It is lucky you could come on that friday. This conference brought us a lot because we knew nothing about the discrimination of Indians by Canadians, but thanks to your visit we have learnt more about Indian culture, lifestyle... Your short story The Sugar Girl is our favorite because it is drawn from a true story and it's really sad what happens to her but thanks to this short story we learnt what happened in residential schools. The story of your ancestors is really interesting too. Once again, thank you for your visit.

Alexia, Nicolas, Quentin and Eva

For Mister Joseph Boyden

Hello, we want to thank you for being here for us to talk about a subject that is important for you: hear the truth about the lives of Indians. We would also like to thank you because thanks to you and your work we studied (the Sugar Girl), but mostly thanks to what you told us about Indian, I learned a lot. Indeed we knew almost nothing about them and we find it very interesting to know other cultures and their lives. We also wanted to tell you that we really loved you work Sugar Girl. All that we have read deeply moved us. It's a story that we will never get tired of reading and telling because it's a very touching story. And we also liked being able to approach you and laugh with you after the interview. Thanks for coming to see us, and good bye. Sincerely

Morgan, Manon and Lisa

Hello Mister Boyden,

I'm so sorry but on the day when you come to my school, I was sick and I couldn't come to see you. I'm very angry because I have read many of your books and I was very interested in you. I continue to read your story, maybe the next year … I can meet you for the questions. I was prepared for the interview, I know your life is so difficult … But the fact that you came was very nice. Good bye.

Etienne Merville