Lycée des Métiers de la Biologie et de la Chimie


Beauty and the Geeks : introduction to cosmetic science

Mr Gouchet, with the help of the British Council, welcomed 3 researchers from the University of Newcastle who organized scientific workshops.

The students were able to take part to 3 theoretical and practical workshops, in English, where they learnt to create Bath bombs, a face mask, or dry shampoo. That day was a great success.

  •  Bath Bomb Bonanza - Bath Bombs demonstrate the basic principles of acid-base chemistry.
  • Muck up Face Mask -This facemask has some unusual active ingredients that get students thinking about the ubiquity of science in our everyday lives and cosmetics.
  • Dry Shampoo - Highlights key features of hair anatomy, how hair gets greasy and how hair is cleaned.

We use the Pepper Test alongside this product to demonstrate how surfactants in shampoo clean the hair. During and between making products the Beauty by the Geeks team will explain the essential theory behind them. They will cover skin and hair anatomy, some cosmetic chemistry basics and provide information on the active ingredients in the products.

Le lundi 6 octobre 2014, le lycée Saint Louis a accueilli trois chercheurs de l’université de Newcastle pour réaliser des ateliers scientifiques intitulés « Beauty by the Geeks : introduction to cosmetic science ».

Cette opération a été pilotée par le rectorat de Bordeaux et réalisée en collaboration avec le British Council et Monsieur Gouchet, professeur de Chimie. Les élèves ont pu participer à 3 ateliers en langue anglaise, à la fois théoriques et pratiques:

  • Fabrication de bombes de bain, (Bath Bomb Bonanza)
  • Fabrication d’un masque pour le visage, (Muck up Face Mask)
  • Fabrication d’un shampoing sec. (Dry Shampoo)