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En BTS Biotechnologies, les étudiants devaient préparer un petit exposé sur l'ADN en anglais.  Chacun était libre de laisser parler ses talents ... 
In our BTS Biotechnologies, the students were asked to prepare a creative presentation on DNA.  Some were more creative than others !

Suzanne Judd is a scientist for the University of Alabama.  She is studying the eating habits of the population of Bordeaux and the South West of the USA.  She saw that 75% of French people eat vegetables everyday whereas only 10% of American people eat vegetables every week !  Furtermore, she has noticed that US people don’t take the time to eat : they don’t eat together (children often take their meal in their bedroom, in front of the TV,…). 

Some 11 students have participated this year, on a voluntary basis, to the project « Let’s Speak Chemistry », led by Mrs Rivoal and Monteiro, Chemistry and English teachers in BTS Chemistry. They have worked on job interviews, resumes, cover letters, protocols, scientific articles, oral presentations (including what they did in their training periods), practice for the TOEIC. These activities were led with IT. Next year, the project will go on, and the students will also learn to present and interpret figures, present hypotheses, results, … 

This research project concerns all the subjects in biotechnologies, and it is done in English. The students choose a topic (biomaterials, bio-films, snake venoms,…) and conduct their research in English. They then organize an oral presentation in English so that they become aware of the necessity to speak English in their professional domain.

Our BTS students do an internship in a laboratory in their first or second year. When they come back, they have to present and explain the topic of their training period in English, as well as their research, experiments, results and conclusions. The rest of the class is organized in juries that must ask questions and give advice concerning the presentation. The science teachers often attend these sessions.

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